Your Voice: the Basics (print & e-book)


by Scott McCoy

ISBN 978-0-9905073-1-4 (e-textbook)
ISBN 978-0-9905073-5-2 (print copy)

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Your Voice: the Basics, is the long awaited abridged version of Scott McCoy's original "Your Voice: an Inside View." The new book is follows the pattern of the original, providing full multimedia support with audio, video, and high resolution images streamed or linked directly in the text. Topics covered include Listening to Singers, Breathing and Breath Support, Laryngeal Anatomy and Phonation, Vocal Health, Acoustics and Resonance, Voice Analysis, Registration, and Hearing. The entire discussion of voice and musical acoustics is entirely new and has been streamlined and made much more "user friendly," and should be clearly understandable to all readers. Other material is adapted and abridged from the original "Your Voice" text. The new version is ideal for undergraduate instruction, use in voice classes, and for use in independent voice studios.

Please note: the content of the iBook and PC/Android versions is identical, but formatting is different. Multimedia content is embedded directly in the iBook, but is linked to an external website in the PC/Android version.

Excerpt from Your Voice: the Basics

Breathing and Breath Support (excerpted from Chapter 3)
This excerpt is in PDF format. Multimedia content opens in a separate window. In the iBooks version, all media is embedded directly in the book

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