Your Voice: An Inside View, third edition

by Scott McCoy

Multimedia examples for Chapter 10: Registration

Please see the printed textbook for explanatory material for each example.

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Example 10/1


Example 10/2


Example 10/3


Example 10/4


Example 10/5


Example 10/6


Example 10/7


Example 10/8


Example 10/9


Example 10/10


Example 10/11


Example 10/12a
Voice synthesis showing cover as 2F0 crosses F1 -- listen for the change of timbre to what sounds like a more close vowel. The only thing that changes in the production of the sound is pitch; formants remain fixed in place.


Example 10/12b


Example 10/13


Example 10/14


Example 10/15


Example 10/16


Example 10/17


Example 10/18